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Association of Government Internal Auditors, Inc.

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First Forum for Heads of Internal Audit Service/Office

The first CAE Forum aimed at strengthening internal auditing in the Public Sector was held on 29 August 2014 at the ASIA DEVELOPMENT BANK. The forum was graced by the more 60 Internal Auditors of the National Government Agencies, Government Owned and Controlled Corporations, Local Government Units and the State Universities and Colleges.

The ADB discussed the Internal Audit Capability Model (IA-CM) for Public Sector, which was developed as early as 2006 and undertook global validation in 2007-2009 before it was published in September of 2009. The  Internal Audit Capability Model Matrix identifies the Level of Internal Auditing in Public Sector from Level 1 at the INITIAL stage to Level 5 at OPTIMIZING STAGE and along areas of: Services and Role of Internal Audit, People Management, Professional Practices, Performance Management and Accountability, Organizational Culture and Governance Structure. The  Internal Audit Capability Model framework was discussed by Ms. Catherine Chang - ADB Audit Specialist and Mr. Calixto Seroje, ADB Jr. Senior Audit Officer. The best practices of How ADB fights Fraud and Corruption was also discussed by ADB Anti-Corruption and Integrity Unit.

The ADB Auditor General Hock-Chye Ong expressed his appreciation to AGIA for the partnership with ADB on the advocacy of strengthening good governance through internal auditing. Likewise, AGIA President Atty. Antonette L. Fernandez, committed the AGIA's vision of promoting professional development and forging partnership to stakeholders towards good governance.

The AGIA Board of Directors and staff were in attendance on the said forum.